The Witness of Women


The Jewish holiday of Purim which is celebrated today, honors Queen Esther, who risked the wrath of her Persian husband-king to save her people. This essay is a tribute to women who have risked much to witness both anciently and in our day.

The Witness of Women

Who is Amy Coney Barrett really?

There is no way to understand Amy Coney Barrett without first visiting 1987.  On the first of July, President Ronald Reagan stood in the White House Press Room. To his right stood the professorial Robert Bork, wearing an unusual-for-him wide grin. Reagan made a few...

When Trust Dies

What happens when one or both spouses decide they no longer trust each other? What happens when employees decide their supervisor or boss is no longer worthy of their trust?   We know what happens next.  Dissolution. Maybe divorce. And sometimes, ugly conflict.    So,...