The Most Reviled Minority in America?

The Most Reviled Minority in America?

It's understandable that many would have questions and concerns with the percentage of people declining the COVID-19 vaccine. But rather than make space for a human exchange about serious fears on both sides, incendiary rhetoric makes such conversation impossible, by insisting the only reason for dissent is selfishness or blatant ignorance.


What Do Marxists Think of Joe Biden and America Right Now?

Many conservatives see in Marxism their greatest fears for the most serious danger facing America—with the word connoting deep evil and malicious, corrosive intent.   As fate would have it, one of our editors, Jacob, a conservative Latter-day Saint man, has “fallen...

This Is How It Begins to End

On Monday, Public Square Magazine posted Terryl’s piece, A Latter-day Saint Defense of the Unborn. On Friday, Public Square posted Nathaniel’s piece, #NeverTrump; #AlwaysLiberalism. Some have taken Terryl's piece as an argument to vote for Trump and Nathaniel’s piece...

#NeverTrump; #AlwaysLiberalism

There is a disconnect between the coalition of Trump supporters—including everyone from his most ardent fans to the least-enthusiastic, "lesser-of-two-evils" cynics—and the #NeverTrump conservative opposition. The disconnect stems from fundamentally different ways of...