America, Land of Promise and Destiny

America, Land of Promise and Destiny

To speak of America as exceptional is not to vaunt ourselves as better than other nations or peoples. Rather, it’s to celebrate and give rightful gratitude to founding principles that are inspired in their protection of sacred freedom.

American Families of Faith Editorials

Is It Time for a Paradigm Shift in Mental Health?

This fall, I visited one of my best friends, who is currently living in a mental health facility in the Midwest. Mike grew up in a difficult, unstable family situation that would have pushed any precious child into a state of high alert. After seeing his first...

Why Bad Things Must Happen to Good People 

Even if we accept that mortal life is difficult by design to some extent, we may still be left with the question: does there have to be this much of it? This is an ancient question. How do we reconcile a God who is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving with a...