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Outrage Masquerading as Virtue

In the increasingly dystopian landscape around us, raining down fire on someone for misspeaking or advocating an unpopular view is held up as faux righteousness. Let’s not pretend this is anything other than the danger that it is.

Climate & End Times

The Whole Earth Shall Be in Commotion

W.B. Yeats saw a time when the center wouldn’t be able to hold and the world would spiral out of control. What is our center? And if it’s failing what could the repercussions be?

Don’t Underestimate Cancel Culture

Those critiquing J.K. Rowling and other luminaries for signing off on a letter about open debate don’t seem to appreciate the extent to which threats on a few have rippled out to influence the self-censoring and fearful silence of millions.


Is “Cancel Culture” a Myth?

Rather than defensively dismissing words as false, look seriously at the problems. How can we keep the marketplace of ideas open and functioning?

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