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What I Mean May Not Be What Others Hear

In our efforts to communicate love and inclusiveness, we may sometimes send messages that mean quite a bit more than what we had intended.

Racial Healing

An Anti-Racism That Unites Us

The first in a series of articles on unity, belonging, and striving toward the just society–known in restorationist doctrine as “Zion.”

Social Justice

How CRT and Classical Liberalism Collide

Most people seem not to appreciate how deeply some of the popular ideas advanced by advocates of Critical Race Theory conflict with the foundations of liberal democracy. More, not less, attention needs to be given to this disconnect.

Ben Pacini on RC Goes CWIC
Radical Civility


I chat with Greg Matsen of the Cwic show about Elder Holland’s BYU talk. We talk politics, CRT, religion and teaching policy. Fun to agree-and disagree-with him!


How Critical Race Theory Helps us Follow Jesus

Amidst all the push-back on CRT of late, I fear disciples of Christ may be missing some of the ways this framework for analysis might help us follow the Savior in healing the world.


Yes, We Really Do Need to Talk About Race

It’s not just folks on the political left who we’d love to go deeper in exploring meaningful questions. These are some of our questions for brothers and sisters on the political right as well.


Critical Race Theory, Plus Faith, Hope, & Charity

Across the country, and within Utah, there’s been a great deal of fear and frustration directed at Critical Race Theory. For a faith community dedicated to “seeking truth no matter where it comes from,” are we open to doing that even with CRT?


Critical Race Theory and the Gospel of Jesus

As CRT has come into academic vogue, it’s found its way more and more onto the campus at Brigham Young University. Should that be something we celebrate or oppose?

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