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Politics & Law

Would the Left Accept Four More Years?

President Trump’s comments have been rightly scrutinized for their potential impact on America’s post-election environment. Far less attention has gone to certain themes of progressive commentary, which in combination arguably heightens the volatility of our post-election atmosphere.

Media & Education

How to Use Media Before (or After) an Election

With the overwhelming amount of “news” found in the media, is it possible for us to know where we can turn for real and reliable information?


Working from Home? Let Me Show You the Ropes

As the coronavirus pandemic is spreading throughout the world, working from home is becoming the new norm — but will it change how we interact?

Church & State

Donald Trump is not Brigham Young

The Washington Post wisely warned against worsening public dialogue. But to get there they made a weak connection to Brigham Young that missed the historical mark.

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