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Social Justice

How Reimagining Social Justice Could Ease the Culture War

Given such a strong divergence in views over social justice, how could we not fall into the larger culture wars? Because God expects something better from us. A parting aspiration for a peacemaking pathway forward.

Social Justice

Iniquity or Inequity: What is Our Fundamental Problem?

Thoughtful people disagree on what exactly is the essential problem at the root of our societal woes—with some emphasizing the collective failure of certain groups and others highlighting the failings inside us all.

Social Justice

Tyre Nichols and The Price of Excuses

When we seek to blame others for tragedy, it ultimately coarsens our souls and destroys our peace. The antidote is to take responsibility and reject blame.

Social Justice

Mandatory Reporting Isn’t the Solution

It’s increasingly common to hear people point towards laws compelling reporting as the answer to our child abuse crisis. Yet the research doesn’t back this up – highlighting a number of complications that need more attention.

Social Justice

Sometimes God Really Does Want Us to Fight

Nonviolence is a wonderful aspiration, but is it always God’s will? In the face of true evil, Latter-day prophets make clear our obligation to sometimes fight.

Social Justice

Processing the Unthinkable

Some of the charged responses to inexplicable tragedies like this are only understandable. And some are clearly standing in the way of both greater healing and more effective prevention of future violence.

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