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Church & State

Ensign Peak: Clarifying the SEC Announcement

Get facts on the SEC fine against Ensign Peak Advisors, the investment firm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in this Q&A with securities attorneys.

Church & State

How Partisan Passions Are Undermining Christian Community

Some have stepped away from Christian fellowship after witnessing examples of hypocrisy within faith communities across the country during pandemic and political fights. How can followers of Jesus do better in the future?

Church & State

You Can’t Spend Your Way Out of Poverty

Critics of the way the Church manages its resources fail to understand that adequate resources are a necessary but insufficient condition to alleviating suffering.

Church & State

Not Giving Up on a Shared Vision of Truth

Unity of heart may be possible even when visions temporarily differ. But continuing to value and strive for growing unity of mind is also crucial to the body of Christ.

Church & State

A Gospel Foundation for Common Ground on Social Justice

Social justice has become a point of aching division in America, and even among Latter-day Saints—with different sides claiming Jesus’s message as justifying their own view. Could that same gospel, however, offer some ways to find vital common ground instead?

Church & State

Struggle Doesn’t Make You Special

Those who wrestle are not a separate category of humans. That describes all of us. If so, the key question is not whether we are “willing to wrestle,” but rather, where that wrestle ultimately takes each of us.

Church & State

A Publicity Stunt Lawsuit

The Huntsman lawsuit is all fluff and no substance. The Church should move for dismissal.

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Church & State

The Fraud Mark Hofmann Still Perpetuates

“Murder Among the Mormons” highlights how Mark Hofmann perpetuated a narrative about transparency in The Church of Jesus Christ. Though Hofmann was stopped, that problematic narrative lingers.

Church & State

A Response to Radical Orthodoxy Criticisms

Since the publication of “Latter-day Saint Radical Orthodoxy: A Manifesto,” a number of questions and concerns have arisen. I respond here to a few of the more prominent ones.

Church & State

Radical Orthodoxy in Simple Terms

A recently released so-called “Radical Orthodoxy Manifesto” has made some waves. But what exactly does it mean?

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