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Category: Mental Health

Stop being mediocre like the declawed cat in this painting
Mental Health

Living In a World of Declawed Souls

Does modern life suffer from a widespread lack of passion and wonder? And if so, what can we do about it?

Mental Health

Beyond Coping: A New Approach to Mental Health Healing

Learn how asking the right questions can lead to transformative change and hope in mental health healing. This article explores the intersection of faith and mental wellness and how God can help us heal beyond coping.


Certainty is a Counterfeit Salvation

In a world that can be frightening and unstable, certain conviction can bring a measure of tangible comfort, whether or not it’s actually true.

Black & White Portrait of Rachel Mcdermott | Patterns in Stories of Lasting Healing from Depression | Recovery from Depression Stories | Depression Stories of Hope | Public Square Magazine
Mental Health

Patterns in Stories of Lasting Healing from Depression 

What can we learn from people who find deeper and more lasting healing from depression? A whole lot, it turns out. Introducing an in-depth examination of themes across stories of sustainable healing from depression.


It’s Time to Rethink Boundaries

All the boundary talk in America today can clearly do some good. Are there some unintended effects it also might be having on family relationships?

Mental Health

When the Adderall Runs Out

Some emergency preparation suggestions if access to psychiatric medication becomes limited or unavailable.

Mental Health

Is Pornography Use a Fantasy of Transcendence?

The case for why pornography use is better understood as a lived solipsism and hedonism—in partial concurrence and reflective response to Hess and Barborka.

Mental Health

Imagining a Mental Health System Centered on Learning & Growth

Growing and making changes can bring joy to life—as does finding deeper relationships. Can all this decrease emotional suffering too? What could it mean for our mental health if this became more central to our healing efforts?

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