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Marital fidelity intertwined with faith represented by Bible and wedding rings.
Family Matters

The Other Faith Crisis: Shattering Illusions Around Marital Fidelity

Unmasking the modern perception of marital fidelity, this comprehensive study brings to light the deep-seated fears of emerging adults, the profound impact of trust, and the enduring promise of faith in cultivating and maintaining faithful marriages.

Family Matters

How Do You Know When Someone Truly Loves You?

Compared to that activist down the street, do President Dallin Oaks and other faith leaders really love you? That probably depends on how you define “love.”

Family Matters

The Respect for Marriage Act and Caesar’s Coin

It’s been easy for people to misinterpret the Church’s support of the Respect for Marriage Act. Greater awareness about the difficult cultural atmosphere believers find themselves in might help.

Family Matters

Catching a Vision of the Doctrine of the Family

Are Latter-day Saints too focused on teachings about the family? Or are prophets emphasizing exactly what God knows will lead to our greatest happiness?

Family Matters

Losing and Finding Myself in Motherhood

As a young mother, I was a conflicted woman—torn apart by two dreams: “Where did the old me go?” This is how my struggle with children miraculously changed into joy and love unimagined.

Family Matters

Moderate, But Not Lukewarm

There is wisdom in holding space for competing important priorities, while seeking contextual cues in difficult matters to discern the right course. Let’s not confuse that with being “lukewarm.”

Family Matters

Don’t Call it Abortion

Especially when reality is deeply uncomfortable, a word like this has a way of sanitizing and obscuring the full and brutal picture of what’s actually taking place.

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