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Category: Identity

Elegantly dressed couple partaking in traditional courtship through a classic ballroom dance.

More than a Door: Celebrating Gender Difference in Courtship

Is traditional courtship outdated? Modern views that erase these customs lose the gender-specific rituals that enhance heterosexual relationships. We should celebrate and preserve these gendered differences.


Beyond the Rainbow: Supporting LGBT+ Saints Faithfully

How do the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ help members compassionately support LGBT+ Saints, address pride events, and offer guidance for meaningful dialogue and understanding?


Have Progressives Really Won this Contest of Ideas?

A response to Patrick Mason on gender and sexuality, with suggested readings for those unfamiliar with the robust rationale for Biblical marriage provided by Latter-day Saints and many scholars.


A Few Questions Before You Try to Change the Church

Some mistakenly assume that ongoing restoration means every aspect of the church is open to future change. Here are a few questions for anyone ready to declare a grand future development (just out of current prophetic view).


The Expressive Self: Identity Above Truth

Influential voices tell us that to be yourself, you need to reject external sources of meaning—and follow “your truth.” But detaching authenticity from truth leads to emptiness, not fulfillment.


The Only True Love of Self

In contrast with self-worship, authentic love of self is grounded in the transcendent love of God and the real understanding of identity His love conveys to us.

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In Defense of Men

Too often, “men” generally are seen as the source of all that is wrong with the world. Should it surprise us, then, to see boys struggling in a man-hating society?


Separating Fact from Fiction with Gender Identity

With gender identity and transgender questions at the forefront of public discourse in recent years, the need for discerning the truth is as critical as our care for those navigating these questions.


A Conversation with Rep. Kera Birkeland

Coverage of Utah HB 11, regarding transgender students in high school sports, has generated more outrage than illumination. We wanted to find out if there was more to the story.

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