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Mental Health

Beyond Coping: A New Approach to Mental Health Healing

Learn how asking the right questions can lead to transformative change and hope in mental health healing. This article explores the intersection of faith and mental wellness and how God can help us heal beyond coping.

Jesus Christ Lifting Hands Up After Resurrection | An Easter Miracle: Unity in a Time of Division | Public Square Magazine | Easter Miracle | Miracle of Easter

An Easter Miracle: Unity in a Time of Division

An Easter meditation on the transformative potential of Christ’s atonement for unity, healing divisions, and empowering connections with God and each other.


Easter is Reality

Many now believe that the more advanced your faith becomes, the less likely you are to embrace the literal realities of scripture. Jesus taught something far more exciting than that.


Are There Good Reasons to Opt Out of the BLM Movement?

If you have questions or concerns about the Black Lives Matter movement, does that make you racist—or suggest that you don’t believe “black lives matter?” Of course not. But if Americans were needing a reminder of why not, Jonathan Isaac just provided it.


Remembering the Bible

If we write off the Bible as irrelevant, we lose its proposals on meaning, purpose and self-worth. Other widely embraced answers, however, are despairing. 


Life as an Experience in Contrast

Vivid moments of contrast can provide richness and fresh insight. That doesn’t mean they’re all meaningful or enjoyable, though.

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