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Tag: Brigham Young

Gospel Fare

Infinite Cats in the Bag: Navigating Faith in the Information Age

It is normal for church members to feel “controversy fatigue” over the steady stream of negative headlines and accusations toward the Church. But this problem is not a new one, and seeing it clearly allows us to transcend it.

Tabernacle Featured on “American Built”

We wanted to draw your attention to a segment on the new show “American Built.” The show features major architectural and engineering projects across the

Family Matters

The Witness of Women

The Jewish holiday of Purim which is celebrated today, honors Queen Esther, who risked the wrath of her Persian husband-king to save her people. This essay is a tribute to women who have risked much to witness both anciently and in our day.


Why Aren’t We There Yet as a Society? A Latter-day Saint Case for Hope

In response to those sensitive souls asking, “Why am I not there yet as a person?” or “Why are we not there yet as a society?” Latter-day Saint theology offers a patient optimism for steady growth in us and around us—along with the anticipation of collective light to become “brighter and brighter until the perfect day.”


The Democratization of the Saints

For most in the world, the word “saint” signals something unreachable by mere humans. That’s not how Latter-day Saints see it, though.

Church & State

Donald Trump is not Brigham Young

The Washington Post wisely warned against worsening public dialogue. But to get there they made a weak connection to Brigham Young that missed the historical mark.

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