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Mental Health

Patterns in Stories of Lasting Healing from Depression 

What can we learn from people who find deeper and more lasting healing from depression? A whole lot, it turns out. Introducing an in-depth examination of themes across stories of sustainable healing from depression.

Mental Health

Does Your Depression Keep Getting Worse? This Might Be Why

The FDA approved antidepressants as helpful short-term support based on studies spanning a few months. In making longer-term decisions, it’s crucial to pay more attention to what we know from longer-term research studies.

Gospel Fare

The Urgent Need to Console the Wounded

Given the tsunami of afflictions being endured, I believe we can emphasize the centrality of consoling the wounded in our Christian ministry without neglecting the reality of sin and the need for repentance.

Ben Pacini on Scary Stories About Utah
Radical Civility

Scary Stories About Utah

I sit with several of my Public Square friends to discuss their recent articles discussing accuracies, and inaccuracies, of common assumptions about Utah.

Red & Black Graphic Resembling 'Scary Stories' | Are Utahns More Depressed? | Public Square Magazine | Mental Health & Depression in Utah | Antidepressant Use | Utah Depression Rate
Mental Health

Are Utahns More Depressed Than Everyone Else?

You’ve probably heard somewhere – from someone – that Utahns are far more likely to be depressed. You probably have not, however, heard about the broader picture of research that contradicts that especially popular Scary Story about Utah.

Mental Health

Are Religious LGBT Youth in Utah More (or Less) Prone to Suicidality?

The narrative that teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ are causing suicidality among LGBT youth is unsubstantiated. New research, showing a negative association between Church membership and suicidality in these youth, suggests the possibility that the opposite is true.

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