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Tag: Former Latter-day Saints


It’s Time to Rethink Boundaries

All the boundary talk in America today can clearly do some good. Are there some unintended effects it also might be having on family relationships?

Gospel Fare

Are You Feeling Peace or Just Relief?

So many stepping away from families, marriages, and faith attest to poignant emotional validation for their life-changing decisions. What exactly is this emotion they are feeling?

Demanding Conversations About Violence

In the weeks since the premiere of the Under the Banner of Heaven miniseries, there has been a broad consensus that the show doesn’t quite

FX to Broadcast Temple Ceremonies

Latter-day Saints are finding themselves in a bind today after a trailer was released revealing that FX will be broadcasting temple ceremonies as part of

Church & State

A Publicity Stunt Lawsuit

The Huntsman lawsuit is all fluff and no substance. The Church should move for dismissal.


Assuming the Worst

It’s easy for any of us to assume that people disagreeing with our own views are influenced by ill-will, dishonesty or callousness. But what if we didn’t?

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