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Tag: Hate

New Examples of Violence Against Churches

While we are attuned to the uptick in targeting Catholic churches in the United States in response to frustrations about abortion, the epidemic has started

Social Justice

Processing the Unthinkable

Some of the charged responses to inexplicable tragedies like this are only understandable. And some are clearly standing in the way of both greater healing and more effective prevention of future violence.


How Jesus Can Cure Our Hatred

There’s more than enough animosity and division going around today, with plenty of people proposing “the answer.” What if Jesus taught the true solution all along?


Disagreement Doesn’t Equal Hate. Even on BYU’s LGBT Policy.

To disagree strongly, even about sensitive, important questions, is not the same as hatred. To read some news about BYU’s honor code changes this month, however, you could be forgiven for presuming they were the same.

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