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Tag: humility

A contemplative scene that symbolizes the deep bond and trust between a farmer and his chicken.

Lessons in Trust from a Crooked-Beaked Chicken

Honey the chicken’s bond with her owner reflects on human trust dynamics, emphasizing honesty, integrity, and emotional resilience as key factors.

Gospel Fare

Embracing the Risk of Divine Encounter

God offered the children of Israel a direct encounter. That was too much. They wanted something safer. Do we sometimes do the same?


The Case for Spiritual Imagination

When authoritative answers aren’t readily available, do we have the capacity to imagine possibilities and beautiful storylines beyond mere logic and reason?

Media & Education

Bites of the Best Books: April 2021

This month we feature passages from Tolstoy on the struggles of the spiritual life and David Brooks on
the importance of building moral character.

Church & State

Radical Orthodoxy in Simple Terms

A recently released so-called “Radical Orthodoxy Manifesto” has made some waves. But what exactly does it mean?

Church & State

Latter-day Saint Radical Orthodoxy: a Manifesto

Many young believers feel the only options they have are to be rigidly dogmatic to the point of being fundamentalist or to reject the Church’s teachings in favor of progressive political doctrines and intellectualism. This statement encourages intellectual engagement with the Church of Jesus Christ in ways that are faithful and flexible instead of either rigidly dogmatic or heretical and doubting.

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