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Gospel Fare

Why did God Punish Ancient Israel?

It wasn’t just apathy or failure to perform religious ceremonies for which ancient Israel faced God’s judgments. It was also what they failed to do for each other.

Gospel Fare

The Deceptively Boring Adamant Notecard

Why is General Conference the way it is? Maybe because “the inner change that makes the outer Zion possible depends, first and finally, on our ability to accept and to apply the simple, basic principles of the gospel.”

Climate & End Times

Prepared, Not Scared

Shortages of important goods have suddenly become real in America—and there is reason to believe that could even get worse. There are several steps any family can take—without panic—to prepare and become more self-reliant.

American Families of Faith

Living a New Faith in a New Land

Asian-American Christians often rely on the Bible carefully and deeply to influence many elements of family life, especially parenting.

Gospel Fare

A “Me Too” Faith?

Some found it odd that the Church would ask people to stop using “Mormon” after its “I’m a Mormon” ad campaign. What if that was kind of the point?


Approaching God in a Self-Absorbed Way

When an idea becomes popular enough, however bad it may be, it can seep into all sorts of things—even precious, sacred parts of our lives.

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