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Dental chair with stained-glass window reflects the intersection of health and spirituality in the "Strength of Youth" standards.
Gospel Fare

Clean Teeth, Pure Hearts: For the Strength of Youth

What does the shift in the “Strength of Youth” standards signify? They motivate adherence by promoting personal values and understanding, just like your dentist!

Red Victorian Painting of Man Looking at his Reflection | Marxism, Satanism & Worship of Self | Public Square Magazine | Karl Marx Satanism | Self Worship
Climate & End Times

Marxism, Satanism, and the Worship of Self

Americans have misunderstood “Satanic” as either ridiculous fear-mongering or a reliable laugh-line—not appreciating what’s at its core: A worship of self or “self as god.”

Gospel Fare

Understanding Demons

Popular culture often uses demonic themes for shock value, with many modern commentators denying the existence of Satan or demons outright. But believers benefit from understanding the reality of demonic influence, and clues to the nature of that influence are found in the demons’ own words in scripture.


Discerning True from False Conspiracy

Conspiracy theories can be dangerous and outright false. But they can also sometimes be true (opioid epidemic). Rather than write them all off, how can we better discern truth from error?

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