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Day: October 25, 2021

Red, White & Black 'Stories to Tell about Utah' Graphic Resembling 'Scary Stories' Books | Are Utahns Uniquely Drawn to Pornography? | Public Square Magazine | Utah Porn
Mental Health

Are Utahns Uniquely Drawn to Pornography?

Some still like to claim that Utah has a uniquely high rate of porn use in the nation—purportedly related to cultural norms that “suppress” and “shame” sexual expression. This popular story only survives out of widespread ignorance over the science of pornography itself.

Ben Pacini on the New Texas Abortion Law
Radical Civility

New Texas Abortion Law

I sit down with several friends to discuss Texas’s recent abortion law. We break down common stances, how to maintain a civil dialogue, and the details of the new legislation.

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