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Exploring Complex Realities: This Month’s Featured Podcasts

In a world marked by ever-evolving societal norms and nuanced perspectives, these podcasts continue to navigate the intricate intersections of culture and faith. This month, the featured podcast episodes present thought-provoking discussions in a quartet of episodes, each tackling distinct aspects of some of our latest or upcoming articles.

Family Bro Evening: “Ex-Brother Bundy and the Gift of Discernment”

In this thought-provoking episode, the hosts of Family Bro Evening dive deep into one of the Church’s most notorious members, Ted Bundy, and the circumstances surrounding his time in Utah. The discussion extends to the role of the gift of discernment in our lives, both in the context of Bundy’s rampage and as a broader concept in faith and personal growth. It’s a gripping exploration of the intersection between faith, discernment, and the darkest aspects of human behavior.

For consideration as a companion discussion to the article “Moving Toward Zion in an Age of Chaos”

Sit Down With Sky & Amanda: “Please Don’t Be My Ally – Allies vs. Advocates for Christ”

In this compelling episode, our hosts delve into the multifaceted challenges surrounding LGBTQ+ issues within religious communities. The spotlight is on the limitations of moral relativism and the tendency for church members to adopt this approach. They explore vital questions, such as how church members should ideally handle LGBTQ+ issues and whether there’s an alternative to the term “ally”. Moreover, the episode dissects why so many individuals lean toward a relativistic approach to morality in these contexts and suggests ways to combat it.

Consider alongside the article “The Illusion of Neutrality”

The Raising Family Podcast: “Resilience, Family, and Identity with Jenet Erickson”

This enlightening episode welcomes guest Jenet Erickson, a Fellow at the Wheatley Institute and Associate Professor of Religious Education at BYU. Jenet’s research specializes in maternal and child wellbeing, and in this discussion, she illuminates the sacred roles of both mothers and fathers in child development. She explores how children’s emotional and physical growth is deeply influenced by bonding with both parents and delves into the development of identity within these familial bonds. Jenet also touches on the concept of resilience in children and how it can be both a strength and a challenge. The episode concludes with insights on finding joy and happiness in life by nurturing strong relationships within families and society.

Accompanying the article “When Loving Ourself Meets Loving our Neighbor”

Pop Culture on the Apricot Tree:  “Redemption Through Rituals: The Mandalorian’s Religious Parallels”

Joining hosts Liz and Carl are special guests Jacob Hess and Jared Esselman to explore the significance of religious community and rituals in Season 3 of Disney’s The Mandalorian. This Star Wars spin-off show intriguingly employs a Jewish template for Mandalorian culture, emphasizing the importance of ordinances and community in Din Djarin’s quest for redemption from apostasy. Don’t miss Jared sharing profound parallels between The Mandalorian’s narrative and his personal journey of excommunication and rebaptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

For consideration as a companion discussion to the article “A Deeper Look Into The Power of Latter-day Saint Temples”

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Carol Rice is the president of Skyline Research Institute and the Director of Communications for Public Square Magazine, a joint project of the Elizabeth McCune and the John A. Widstoe Foundation. She earned a BA in marriage and family relations with an emphasis in family advocacy from BYU-I. Carol and her husband Scott live in Alpine, Utah.
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