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August Public Square Media Features

By Pam

Welcome to this month’s lineup of Public Square Media episodes. We hope this month’s curated episodes inform your thinking, spark meaningful conversations, and inspire civil discourse.

Family Bro Evening

In this month’s podcast trio from Family Bro Evening, hosts Scott and JC explore the little-understood Law of Consecration with Dr. Steven C. Harper, and tackle BYU’s dating culture in an insightful two-part discussion.

Steven C. Harper on the Law of Consecration

Two-part series on toxic dating culture: 

Toxic Dating Culture Part-1

Toxic Dating Culture Part 2


Pop Culture on the Apricot Tree

Dive into the eerie world of Black Mirror in this episode, as Liz and Carl team up with Radical Civility for a captivating crossover. Unpacking the chilling “Hated in the Nation” episode, they dissect how social media’s hashtags can take a lethal turn. Explore with them the grip of online cruelty while discovering strategies to resist negativity and promote civil discourse.

Black Mirror: Hated in the Nation #deathtosocialmedia


Raising Family

Step into a world of transformation as hosts David and Linda chat with guest Jeff Carney, who teaches “7 Habits” to inmates, helping them uncover their divinity. Inspired by The Family Proclamation, Jeff shares his inmate interactions, unwavering belief in individual worth, and insights on shedding self-limitation. His perspective reveals how viewing ourselves as God does ignites profound change. Jeff’s wisdom culminates in the notion that purpose is discovered, not created. Prepare to be inspired to embrace your own potential through a divine lens and riveting conversation.

Inmates, Divine Potential, and Pepper


Sit Down with Sky and Amanda

In this episode, Sky and Amanda confront the controversial question: “What is a woman?” Delving into the contrasting perspectives of societal norms and divine definitions, they explore the disparities that arise. Their exploration extends to the intricate balance between valuing motherhood and the modern pursuit of equity, uncovering how societal shifts have sometimes led to the devaluation of this essential role. Join them for an enlightening journey.

The Redefinition of Woman: Reclaiming Womanhood

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