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Category: Holidays

A family cherishes modest gifts, highlighting the essence of Giving at Christmas.

The Spiritual Side of Christmas Consumerism

Does the effort to craft a magical Christmas morning teach us something about the heart of a Father seeking to bring endless joy to us all?

A family finds light in darkness, symbolizing the true meaning of Christmas

The Original True Meaning of Christmas

Can Christmas heal sorrow? Those present for Jesus’ birth reveal how the holiday’s true meaning offers solace and hope.

A father and daughter prepare an autumn dinner, showcasing the spiritual benefits of gratitude in family bonds.

Beyond Counting Blessings: Gratitude for 2023

What’s the true impact of gratitude? It’s a pathway to joy, improved well-being, and enriched relationships, proving essential for a fulfilling and balanced life.

Town Celebrating Halloween Artwork | Of Grave Importance: Sacralizing Halloween | Public Square Magazine | Do Mormons Celebrate Halloween | Mormon Celebrate Halloween

Of Grave Importance: Sacralizing Halloween

How do Latter-day Saints view Halloween? By intertwining the playful spirit of the festivity with profound faith traditions, they can foster community, celebrate gratitude, and honor past lineage.

Jesus Christ Lifting Hands Up After Resurrection | An Easter Miracle: Unity in a Time of Division | Public Square Magazine | Easter Miracle | Miracle of Easter

An Easter Miracle: Unity in a Time of Division

An Easter meditation on the transformative potential of Christ’s atonement for unity, healing divisions, and empowering connections with God and each other.


In Awe of Creation

When was the last time you felt awe for what you see, feel, and experience around you? As easy as it is to fixate on the negatives around us, don’t miss out on the sweetness of relishing the jaw-dropping goodness and beauty all around us too.

Gospel Fare

Scary Stories to Tell About the Saints

On this Halloween, let’s relish for a moment a modern-day classic. A real barnburner. Maybe you’ve heard it going around?


Our First Three Years

Happy Birthday, Public Square! Here’s a little present to celebrate.


Agape Love for Christmas

So many of our conflicts today stem from a mistaken, deformed notion of love—one that departs sharply from what Jesus Himself taught long ago.


Jesus All Around Us

If you look close enough, the influence of that baby born in Bethlehem is all around us. I rejoice in how the life of Jesus continues to change our world today.


How Islam Is Bringing Me Clarity This Christmas

As we think of Jesus during the holidays, let us consider His filial relationship with the Father and what it means to be a family ruled by love and unity.

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