Podcasts for July from our Podcast Family!

By Pam

Welcome to July’s lineup of Public Square Media episodes. 

The engaging perspectives of Scott and JC of Family Bro Evening, shed light on American politics and church history, meticulously examining the involvement of the LDS church in political affairs, they expound upon scriptural teachings on politics and violence, and bring illuminating conversation to the profound lessons to be gleaned from tragic events in early church history. 

Over at Pop Culture on the Apricot Tree, join esteemed hosts Liz and Carl as they embark on an intellectual journey, delving into the realms of pop culture and its profound impact on our understanding of American history and church history. In an analysis of the filmed version of the musical Hamilton they traverse the nuanced representation of American historical figures through the lens of a diverse cast, provoking contemplation on the complex topic of revering flawed heroes. Additionally, their exploration of church history dismantles inaccuracies propagated in the true crime miniseries Under the Banner of Heaven, advocating for a more sophisticated and balanced approach to historical narratives.

Next, prepare yourself for an enlightening conversation with esteemed academic, and Editor in Chief of Public Square Magazine, Danny Frost, who visits The Raising Family Podcast with a critically thoughtful analysis of Paragraph 8 of The Family: A Proclamation to the World, where he navigates intricate questions surrounding the decline of chastity in contemporary society, discusses fostering compassion without normalizing conflicting behaviors, and how we can advocate for political policies that align with our moral convictions.

And finally, expanding the discourse, our hosts at Sit Down with Sky and Amanda, engage in a captivating examination of masculinity and fatherhood, contrasting societal definitions with divine perspectives, all while graciously addressing sincere questions.

We hope this month’s curated episodes inform your thinking, spark meaningful conversations, and inspire civil discourse. Stay tuned for more thought-provoking content from Public Square Media in the months to come.

Family Bro EveningDo You Have to Be Conservative to Be LDS? and The Battle of Fort Utah

Pop Culture on the Apricot Tree: Filmed version of the musical Hamilton and Recent true crime miniseries Under the Banner of Heaven

Raising Family: The Decline of Chastity, Moral Vocabulary and Aristotle

Sit Down with Sky and Amanda: Divine Masculinity

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