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Category: American Families of Faith

A parent and child bond over planting a tree, encapsulating quotes on gratitude for family.
American Families of Faith

The Hidden Power of “Thank You”

How does gratitude affect families? It fosters virtues, strengthens faith, and nurtures relationships.

American Families of Faith

The Silent Revival: How Today’s Youth Anchor Their Faith

What anchors the spiritual dedication of today’s American youth? Comprehensive research unveils commitments to traditions, God, scriptures, and community leaders as the guiding lights in their spiritual journeys.

American Families of Faith

Sacred Encounters: Glimpsing the Divine

What defines a genuine spiritual experience? True spirituality is a journey beyond self, connecting deeply with the divine and extending concern to all.

American Families of Faith

Sacred Encounters. Answered Prayers

As one man grapples with profound questions about God’s presence, he discovers through personal encounters that God indeed listens, responds, and loves deeply, even amidst doubt.

A woman helps with laundry showing service in balance with self-care and religion.
American Families of Faith

When Loving Yourself Meets Loving Your Neighbor

How do individuals balance self-care with acts of sacrifice, especially when their actions are influenced by their faith? Interviews reveal four key factors.

A man grieving with his children, poignantly portraying loss and the challenge of adversity in families.
American Families of Faith

From Struggle to Strength: Adversity in Religious Families

How do transcendent experiences affect relationships during turmoil? Many find that spiritual experiences guide them to improve connections, change their lives, and help families grow closer in times of strife.

American Families of Faith

How Many Religious Families Thrived During COVID

Many religious families thrived during the pandemic because of a built-in community and connection, combined with a sense of purpose, comfort, and hope.

American Families of Faith

The Secret Power of Sharing Meals Together

Engaging in regular family dinners protected against the harmful effects of the pandemic by increasing emotional closeness and providing dependability.

American Families of Faith

Did COVID Strengthen Family Communication?

COVID had a mixed impact on family communication. Excessive time together was hard, but families benefited more from a greater sense of family connection.

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