Civic spaces of substance are essential in today’s world, and Public Square Magazine has been blessed with 232 authors who have penned 991 articles for tens of thousands of readers that have created such a space of civil and faithful discourse. One we can all be proud of. In an effort to expand the community further, Public Square Magazine is pleased to announce the launch of Public Square Media, a new platform designed to foster greater engagement and connection.

As the first phase of this new venture, Public Square Media has gathered a group of mission-aligned podcasts that we will be supporting and will be supporting each other. In recent years, podcasts have become a ubiquitous form of media consumption, with an estimated 62 million Americans, or 22% of the population, downloading and listening to an average of seven episodes per week. As an immersive auditory experience, podcasts provide a unique form of entertainment and information consumption that allows listeners to hear the tone, inflection, and emotion in a speaker’s voice. This can make valuable content more engaging and relatable, fostering a more profound sense of connection and community among many listeners.

At Public Square Magazine, we are committed to effective communication, and we believe podcasts are a valuable tool for promoting civil dialogue and understanding. By engaging audiences who prefer to process and retain information presented in a verbal format, we can expand our community and ensure that our message reaches a broader audience. Our commitment to quality writing will continue as we enlarge the circle to include those who appreciate auditory methods.

The podcasts participating in this new initiative, Public Square Media, cover a range of topics and feature experts in a variety of genres. These podcasts are informative, accurate, reliable, and entertaining. We hope that you will give them a listen and let us know what you think. If you know of other shows you would like to have considered, please reach out to us at [email protected].

At Public Square Magazine, we are committed to fostering civil dialogue and understanding, and we believe that Public Square Media will be a valuable addition to our community, offering a new platform for engagement, connection, and growth. We look forward to embarking on this new journey with you, our valued readers and listeners.

Public Square Media launches with a focus this month on motherhood. We invite you to check out each of our podcasts and their featured episodes:

Family Bro Evening

Family Bro Evening is a podcast focusing on breaking barriers to understanding LDS beliefs and culture. We tackle the hard questions, dive into the doctrine, discuss culture quirks, and always have a bit of fun! New episodes are released every two weeks!

Our topic on motherhood/womanhood encompasses a two-part episode, with the specific women’s issues coming in part 2, including both links for context.

 Brad Wilcox Fireside Part 1

Brad Wilcox Fireside Part 2 (including the role of women)

Pop Culture on the Apricot Tree

Pop Culture on the Apricot Tree is a podcast dedicated to discussing pop culture from an LDS perspective. We talk about gospel insights through great stories and help you find entertainment that is both true and beautiful. The podcast is co-hosted by Liz Busby and Carl Cranney and features rotating guests discussing popular media from a Latter-Day Saint perspective. 

In this episode, they discuss the protagonist Louise’s courage to become a mother in spite of knowing the pain it will inevitably cause her and compare her with Mother Eve. They will also have a “Mothers in the Media” episode that will be out on Thursday, May 11.

Arrival: In Heaven We Will All Speak Heptapod

Radical Civility

Radical Civility is where we have hard conversations well. In the words of Arthur Brooks, the goal isn’t to disagree less but to disagree better. Our goal is to tell the truth with a fair dose of kindness and generosity—or, as President Russel M. Nelson has recently encouraged everyone, our goal is to really try to engage in peacemaking. Radical Civility will be recording upcoming episodes featuring some of the women in the Public Square community, but invite you to become familiar with them with this featured episode:

Scary Stories About Utah

Raising Family

Raising Family hosts David Steele, Linda Hill, and Brent Andrewsen tackle the most pressing issues facing today’s families, from social and cultural questions to theology surrounding The Family: A Proclamation to the World. You can find all episodes hosted at or anywhere you like listening to your podcasts. 

Counterfeit Healing, Infertility and True Empowerment

Parents as Teachers with Nathan and Jelaire Richardson

Sit Down with Sky and Amanda

At Sit Down with Sky and Amanda, we are navigating a divisive world in a mixed-orientation marriage. We approach LGBT+ issues in a gospel-centered way and are always faith-affirming first. Join us in pursuing the balance of grace and truth with all the relevant cultural issues we face every day.

Q&A with our Wives