America, Land of Promise and Destiny

America, Land of Promise and Destiny

To speak of America as exceptional is not to vaunt ourselves as better than other nations or peoples. Rather, it’s to celebrate and give rightful gratitude to founding principles that are inspired in their protection of sacred freedom.

American Families of Faith Editorials

The Sanctity of Suffering

In centuries past, the best and only relief from the blinding pain of a serious toothache came in the form of a pair of pliers. In the twenty-first century, we can detect cavities and fill them before they start to cause any pain at all. Of course, drilling the tooth...

The Indoctrination Nobody Talks About

After reading the first installment in this series (here), you might have been left wondering what I was getting at when I claimed that our faith crises may be the result of having unwittingly absorbed certain problematic premises from the larger, secular culture and...