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Tag: Addiction

Woman Looking At Her Computer in Bed | Is Phonography Use A Fantasy Of Transcendence? | Public Square Magazine | Is Porn Fantasy? | Transcendence Porn
Mental Health

Is Pornography Use a Fantasy of Transcendence?

The case for why pornography use is better understood as a lived solipsism and hedonism—in partial concurrence and reflective response to Hess and Barborka.

Sexuality & Family

Who Can Turn Away from the Sea of Seduction Around Us?

You can. But don’t be surprised when others are swept away. And try to appreciate the courage of those working hard to turn their hearts towards something better and more beautiful.


Untying the Gordian Knot of Addiction

“Why can’t I just stop?!” Understanding the brain’s own learning capacities can help us answer this maddening question that comes up with any addiction. It may also help us find a way out.

Red, White & Black 'Stories to Tell about Utah' Graphic Resembling 'Scary Stories' Books | Are Utahns Uniquely Drawn to Pornography? | Public Square Magazine | Utah Porn
Mental Health

Are Utahns Uniquely Drawn to Pornography?

Some still like to claim that Utah has a uniquely high rate of porn use in the nation—purportedly related to cultural norms that “suppress” and “shame” sexual expression. This popular story only survives out of widespread ignorance over the science of pornography itself.

Sexual Abuse

Now’s Not the Time to Downplay Sexual Addiction

Even after the killer in Atlanta’s heinous shooting recently spoke of his sexual addiction as a contributing influence. Some have taken this as an opportunity to minimize and even ridicule the idea of such a problem. The millions of men and women grappling with the same deserve better.

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