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Tag: agency

An ancient Greek meat market symbolizing whether we should use preferred pronouns

Sacred Meat, Sacred Pronouns: Discerning Lesser Controversies

Exploring the parallels between ancient Greek sacrifices and today’s cultural rituals, the analysis underscores the importance of discerning core doctrines from lesser controversies. It advocates for principle-based discipleship.

Dental chair with stained-glass window reflects the intersection of health and spirituality in the "Strength of Youth" standards.
Gospel Fare

Clean Teeth, Pure Hearts: For the Strength of Youth

What does the shift in the “Strength of Youth” standards signify? They motivate adherence by promoting personal values and understanding, just like your dentist!

Gospel Fare

Is Our Exercise of Agency Always Intentional?

When we equate agency with being merely choice, we miss out on how human agency manifests in rich ways that are not always conscious and deliberately chosen.


Is Life Ruthlessly Determined or Full of Possibility?

When social scientists overstate the role of surrounding causes and conditions, they fundamentally misrepresent the nature of human experience—while undermining fundamental moral agency, accountability, and possibility itself.

Family Matters

A Latter-day Saint Defense of the Unborn

It has become popular for people of faith to seek a middle ground in the abortion debate of being “personally opposed” while according choice to others. This is why I think that position is problematic.


Are There Good Reasons to Opt Out of the BLM Movement?

If you have questions or concerns about the Black Lives Matter movement, does that make you racist—or suggest that you don’t believe “black lives matter?” Of course not. But if Americans were needing a reminder of why not, Jonathan Isaac just provided it.

Media & Education

Bites of the Best Books: August 2020

Five books that contain sentences and paragraphs and pages full of unique ideas that move our minds, touch our hearts, and fill our souls with light.


Remembering the Bible

If we write off the Bible as irrelevant, we lose its proposals on meaning, purpose and self-worth. Other widely embraced answers, however, are despairing. 

Family Matters

We Need More Than Sexual Desire to Guide Us

A greater awareness of sexual pleasure is not enough to confront the serious challenges young people face navigating sexuality in America today.

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