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Tag: Art

A caricature artist tries to answer “Who is Jesus” in visual form.
Gospel Fare

Jesus Is More Than a Caricature

Who is this Jesus Christ we worship? Knowing His true character is the key to our eternal progress.

Old Testament at BYU

Brigham Young University’s Museum of Art is opening up a new exhibit of Old Testament art. The exhibit, which focuses on the artist James Tissot,

Joseph teaching Joseph

Donny Osmond is evidently teaching youth Sunday School these days, and as the story of Joseph has come up, it was perfect for the actor


Worshipping God by Making

A Review of Makoto Fujimura’s Art and Faith: A Theology of Making

Media & Education

For Mature Audiences Only: Relabeling Crass Media

When movies include explicit scenes of violence, sexual activity, drug and alcohol use, or rampant profanity, it’s become common to label them as “adult” or “mature.” Why?

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