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Latter-day Saints and White Christian Nationalism

I sit down with Carl Cranney and Christopher Cunningham to talk about white christian nationalism, which is making the rounds in the news. We discuss what the Latter-day Saint response should be to the phenomenon, and how we’re really doing on things. We also talk about two recent articles, one by Christopher in Public Square Magazine, and another by Dr. Taylor Petrey in The Salt Lake Tribune.

Can the Dignity Index Really Change Mean to Nice?

Politico recently featured an article written by Amanda Ripley that focused on a  woman who wants to make politicians accountable for the way they speak. Tami Pyfer uses the Dignity Index which rates a politician’s rhetoric on...

New BYU Studies!

BYU Studies is out with its newest edition. 61:1 The entry, titled “The Restored Gospel and Good Government” includes an article from Thomas B. Griffith, one of the judges who recently testified on behalf of Ketanji...

Welcome to the Public Square Bulletin

Welcome to the Public Square Bulletin, where we’ll bring our search for civility to the daily in the public square. As always, we’re particularly interested in the intersection of faith and the public square. And we’ll bring our...

Brad Wilcox’ Recent Comments

I get together with some friends to discuss Brad Wilcox’s recent comments–and the strong response they received. We talk about intent and circumstances, but also the reason the comments were hard for so many.

Note: we tried to get this right. I guarantee we didn’t manage perfectly. A group of thoughtful people talking it out helped me though. There were some really good moments and insights, and if nothing else, I think we modeled what it looks like to grapple with something hard in as faithful a way as possible. That sounds me as worth doing.


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