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Tag: Domestic Violence

Radical Civility

Sex Abuse on CES Campuses

How are church-sponsored schools doing on sexual assault? Jacob Mayberry joins me to look at the data, ask what the limitations of the data are, and what lessons we can learn.

'The Good Shepherd' shows Christ protecting a lamb, symbolizing the need to reduce abuse in churches for safeguarding the innocent.
Sexual Abuse

I Know How to Lower Church Abuse Rates by 75%

What causes lower abuse rates among Latter-day Saints? Geographic organization, focus on family, and female involvement create a safer environment.

Social Media

What It’s Like to Be Cyberbullied

I was shocked after reviewing research on cyberbullying and then witnessing others go through it. But it wasn’t until I experienced it myself that I appreciated what it does to you.

Social Justice

Mandatory Reporting Isn’t the Solution

It’s increasingly common to hear people point towards laws compelling reporting as the answer to our child abuse crisis. Yet the research doesn’t back this up – highlighting a number of complications that need more attention.

Sexual Abuse

Abuse is Something We Should Be Able to Fight Together

Few issues hold as much universal importance as child abuse. What does it mean when we’re not only unable to come together to confront this, but also seem increasingly eager to insist that others care less about fighting this than we do?

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