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Jesus Christ Lifting Hands Up After Resurrection | An Easter Miracle: Unity in a Time of Division | Public Square Magazine | Easter Miracle | Miracle of Easter

An Easter Miracle: Unity in a Time of Division

An Easter meditation on the transformative potential of Christ’s atonement for unity, healing divisions, and empowering connections with God and each other.

Gospel Fare

From Ashes to Resurrection: A Lenten Primer

Learn about how Latter-day Saints can understand the Lent season. Explore the fasting, prayer, and almsgiving that help Catholics draw closer to God.

Gospel Fare

The Hope Resurrection Provides Here and Now

Talk of resurrection usually hearkens to a day far off into the future when all will be made right—with little reference to the fears and despairs crowding us right now.


How Jesus Can Cure Our Hatred

There’s more than enough animosity and division going around today, with plenty of people proposing “the answer.” What if Jesus taught the true solution all along?


Easter is Reality

Many now believe that the more advanced your faith becomes, the less likely you are to embrace the literal realities of scripture. Jesus taught something far more exciting than that.


Creating Jesus in Our Image

In the perennial debate about the carpenter from Nazareth, it’s worth asking: Are we seeking after who Jesus is revealed to be—or who we personally wish Him to be?


Why We Need Joseph Smith’s Ecumenical Spirit

It’s good to share truth we believe. It’s also good to hear truth on others’ hearts – something Joseph Smith embodied and emphasized in his life.

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