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The wake of a boat representing the effects of the Tim Ballard allegations

In the Wake of Scandal: Tim Ballard and the Latter-day Saints

When heroes like Tim Ballard face allegations, it shakes public trust and prompts reevaluation of beliefs. The fallibility of influencers, especially within religious communities, reveals the danger of elevating individuals over core principles.


Dismissing Dismissal Strategies

When someone disagrees with us deeply, a great choice lies before us: Do we engage and investigate what is being argued—OR find one of many ways to dismiss the person making the argument?

Francisco Jose de Goya- The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters | Knowing Less Than We Think | Public Square Magazine | Effects From The Lack Of Political Knowledge In America

Knowing Less Than We Think

In discussing civic engagement and political participation, it’s often taken for granted that Americans have a basic knowledge of what’s going on. Do they?

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