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Tag: Family Proclamation

Podcasts for July from our Podcast Family!

Welcome to July’s lineup of Public Square Media episodes.  The engaging perspectives of Scott and JC of Family Bro Evening, shed light on American politics


Have Progressives Really Won this Contest of Ideas?

A response to Patrick Mason on gender and sexuality, with suggested readings for those unfamiliar with the robust rationale for Biblical marriage provided by Latter-day Saints and many scholars.

Family Matters

The Respect for Marriage Act and Caesar’s Coin

It’s been easy for people to misinterpret the Church’s support of the Respect for Marriage Act. Greater awareness about the difficult cultural atmosphere believers find themselves in might help.

Sexuality & Family

It’s Not Loving to Mislead People About Reality

When prophets have spoken unanimously and consistently, a “stupor of thought” is far more likely indicative of resisting truth than signaling enlightenment to see beyond it.

Family Matters

Catching a Vision of the Doctrine of the Family

Are Latter-day Saints too focused on teachings about the family? Or are prophets emphasizing exactly what God knows will lead to our greatest happiness?

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