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Tag: Freedom of Speech

Dali-styled surreal painting of a scale balancing religious and public symbols, indicating the equilibrium aimed by public accommodation laws.

The Future of Anti-Discrimination

Does 303 Creative v. Elenis permit discrimination? The Supreme Court’s ruling navigates a complex intersection of free speech and Public Accommodation Laws, ultimately shielding expressive activities while leaving open important questions of anti-discrimination law for we the people to debate.

Media & Education

Happy Rejoining Twitter Day

For all those keeping social media at arm’s length, maybe today’s a chance to take a second look? The online public square needs you!


Is Vaccine Dialogue Even Possible?

Honest conversation about vaccination might be more challenging than any other issue. Why? And is it even worth trying?

Media & Education

Bites of the Best Books: April 2021

This month we feature passages from Tolstoy on the struggles of the spiritual life and David Brooks on
the importance of building moral character.

Election Aftermath

A Farewell To Political Arms

The basic bargain of democracy is that citizens mutually forswear political violence.

Election Aftermath

Mapping Public Disagreements about Election Challenges

Disagreements over the integrity of our recent presidential election don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. In such a heated atmosphere, there is remarkably little comprehension (on either side) as to the nuances of their opponents’ actual beliefs. That’s where a map like this might just come in handy.

Political Atmosphere

When Does the Poison of Our National Suspicion Become Lethal? 

Early this morning, President Trump stood before the American people on the verge of another astounding upset and accused his opponents of fraud. When will the mounting levels of mutual suspicion and accusation take us past our breaking point as a country?

Political Atmosphere

Dear America, We Can Still Do This!

Domestic peacekeepers are speaking out with everything they’ve got—reminding this country about its historic capacity to hold and work through serious disagreements productively. It’s time to listen before it’s too late.

Politics & Law

The How Still Matters

Many have argued that we should vote on policies not behavior. But no matter how we ultimately vote, we must remember that how we treat each other will always matter.


Competing Narratives of American Redemption

We don’t agree on the problems facing America, which is why our views of the solutions and answers to the mess we’re in diverge so widely as well.

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