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Tag: Joseph Smith

Gospel Fare

Why A Belief Crisis Need Never Be Fatal To Faith

Does a review of historical and scientific evidence compel faith crises today? Only if you limit your review to critical scholars, wholly ignoring the robust explanations of faithful scholars.

Election Aftermath

What was Really the Choice in the 2020 Election?

Partisans on both sides were seized upon by the urgency of picking their candidate for President—with everyone else encouraged to join the fray. Is that really the most important choice we just faced?


Rabbi Sacks, the Snow, and Our Common Humanity

As the election dust settles and the snow falls, some thoughts on something deeper than our many differences – a witness born most eloquently by the remarkable and recently deceased Rabbi Sacks.


Why Aren’t We There Yet as a Society? A Latter-day Saint Case for Hope

In response to those sensitive souls asking, “Why am I not there yet as a person?” or “Why are we not there yet as a society?” Latter-day Saint theology offers a patient optimism for steady growth in us and around us—along with the anticipation of collective light to become “brighter and brighter until the perfect day.”

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