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Marital fidelity intertwined with faith represented by Bible and wedding rings.
Family Matters

The Other Faith Crisis: Shattering Illusions Around Marital Fidelity

Unmasking the modern perception of marital fidelity, this comprehensive study brings to light the deep-seated fears of emerging adults, the profound impact of trust, and the enduring promise of faith in cultivating and maintaining faithful marriages.

Gospel Fare

Challenging the Stories We Tell Ourselves

With great precision, a surgeon can miraculously repair a part of our body that is throbbing in pain. Could the same thing sometimes be needed for aching stories we carry around that simply aren’t true?


Counting the Cost of Zion

Our discussion of Brad Wilcox’s firesides has been a hard and valuable one, and Dan Ellsworth closes with this plea for more forthrightness about the uncomfortable challenges Zion requires of us all.

Sexuality & Family

A Love Note to Diamond Marriages and Sapphire Singles

Contrary to dismissive public rhetoric, more and more couples are thriving in what the world calls “mixed-orientation marriages.” Yet anyone considering it faces enormous opposition. It’s time for that to change.

Sexuality & Family

What’s Hijacking So Many Beautiful Relationships? 

“It must not have been right” we say, after another relationship full of eternal possibilities falls apart (or never starts to begin with). But could we be missing something else going on?


What Love Isn’t

The love we’re being encouraged to share in our world today is largely affirmative of whatever someone else wants, believes, and does—even if that trajectory leads someone to long-term heartache. Is it time to be honest that this really isn’t love after all?


Agape Love for Christmas

So many of our conflicts today stem from a mistaken, deformed notion of love—one that departs sharply from what Jesus Himself taught long ago.

Ben Pacini and Marian Edmonds-Allen on Covenantal Pluralism
Radical Civility

Covenantal Pluralism

Marian Edmonds-Allen and I discuss “covenantal pluralism” which can fix LGBTQ+ and faith divides. We review her history, and religion helping LGBTQ+ rights.


If You Want to Love Yourself, Love the Truth

As long as we love ourselves more, so the popular precept goes, our happiness will also grow. Is that really true? Not if our self-love disregards the reality of truth and our need to love that most.

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