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Tag: Mindfulness

Ben Pacini on the New Texas Abortion Law
Radical Civility

New Texas Abortion Law

I sit down with several friends to discuss Texas’s recent abortion law. We break down common stances, how to maintain a civil dialogue, and the details of the new legislation.


Mourning Together as Morning Dawns

Much sorrow is being felt in the wake of this pandemic, by so many. How can we better “mourn with those that mourn,” while also working through our own grief in healing ways?

Politics & Law

The How Still Matters

Many have argued that we should vote on policies not behavior. But no matter how we ultimately vote, we must remember that how we treat each other will always matter.


Whose Image Are You Seeking In Your Countenance?

Many have been persuaded to pursue an “authentic” image of ourselves in our own countenance, rather than seeking the image of God there. Could that be why we’re so miserable?

Political Atmosphere

Must Everything Be Political?

When the places we used to find fellowship and connection as a community start to “take a stand” on political issues, where do we go to find that unity again?

Family Matters

A Mindfulness Journey to “Happily Ever After”

Marriage is hard enough in this challenging world. Patterns of reactivity, pressure, and resentment between partners can make it that much harder. But what if we learned to not do that—and to do something else instead?


The Laser and the Lightbulb

Regarding COVID-19 and those who have assumed management of our lives, the public needs to know and agree on when it is necessary for us to cede control.

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