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Man in Rustic Barn on Cloudy Night | Sacred Encounters. Answered Prayers | Public Square Magazine | A Divine Encounter with God | What is Divine Encounter Meaning
American Families of Faith

Sacred Encounters. Answered Prayers

As one man grapples with profound questions about God’s presence, he discovers through personal encounters that God indeed listens, responds, and loves deeply, even amidst doubt.

Washington D.C. Temple Video Open House

The Church released this morning a video open house of the Washington D.C. Temple. The open house has attracted many prominent politicians, journalists, and celebrities.

Media & Education

Stop Deleting Your Facebook

More and more of our friends and family are opting out of social media entirely. Honest question: What would Jesus do?


Taking Nephi Seriously

1st Nephi: A Brief Theological Introduction provides valuable scriptural insights by focusing narrowly on the intention of it’s author, Nephi.


Why We Need Joseph Smith’s Ecumenical Spirit

It’s good to share truth we believe. It’s also good to hear truth on others’ hearts – something Joseph Smith embodied and emphasized in his life.

Man w/ Flowers, Looking at Tombstone in Cemetery | Make The Good Times Stop: Pop Culture’s Fixation on Eternal Oblivion | Public Square Magazine | Eternal Oblivion

The Life Arising From Death

Since my mother-in-law died ten days prior to a day many Christians call Good Friday, I have wondered what about the crucifixion of the Messiah is “good.” 

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