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Tag: plan of salvation


Exclude Not Thyself

In an effort to show compassion to our LGBT+ brothers and sisters, we should resist the urge to enable them in excluding themselves from the Plan of Salvation.

Media & Education

Happy Star Wars Day

Looking for another excuse to appreciate America’s first epic fantasy more deeply? You’ve got it. Happy Star Wars day today!

Media & Education

Soul and pre-existence in pop culture

While the afterlife is often seen in pop culture, the premortality is seen much less. Why? And why does the subject remain so irresistible to artists?


Pursuing Progress Patiently: The Lessons of Sport

Within a community of people aspiring to follow One who entreats “Be Thou Perfect,” perhaps it’s unsurprising that our efforts can become painfully perfectionistic at times. Alongside the welcome appeals to step away from toxic attitudes about perfection, is there something sports can teach us about that too?


Discerning True from False Conspiracy

Conspiracy theories can be dangerous and outright false. But they can also sometimes be true (opioid epidemic). Rather than write them all off, how can we better discern truth from error?

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