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Tag: Prayer

A family home stands resilient under a dark cloud, symbolizing hope amidst adversity.
American Families of Faith

The Growing Famine of Hope

How does hope influence resilience? Studies show faith-based practices foster optimism and unity.

American Families of Faith

Sacred Encounters: Glimpsing the Divine

What defines a genuine spiritual experience? True spirituality is a journey beyond self, connecting deeply with the divine and extending concern to all.

Symbolic portrayal of a person's sacred experiences in prayer.
Gospel Fare

The Empirical Power of Spiritual Experience

Amid the seemingly inexplicable events and doctrines of Christianity, the power of personal encounters with the divine emerges as a key to authentic belief. Sharing these experiences bridges generations.

National Day of Prayer Primer

In commemoration of The National Day of Prayer, here are some readings on prayer. One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich Last year, Samuel


Seeking Flexible and Vital Faith? Listen to Lehi

Many are seeking ways to ensure their faith can meet this perilous cultural moment. I find in Lehi’s epic dream in the Book of Mormon some insight that can point the way for all of us.

Media & Education

Bites of the Best Books: February 2021

This month, passages on the unending quest for knowledge, what we should pray for, and the importance of charitable thinking.

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