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Tag: Russell M. Nelson

A contemplative scene that symbolizes the deep bond and trust between a farmer and his chicken.

Lessons in Trust from a Crooked-Beaked Chicken

Honey the chicken’s bond with her owner reflects on human trust dynamics, emphasizing honesty, integrity, and emotional resilience as key factors.


The Word Which Heals The Wounded Soul

We just finished another worldwide conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. What stood out to those of us who had a chance to listen? 

Gospel Fare

Prophetic Priorities and Personal Impressions

Some highlights from our weekend participating in the semiannual conference of the Church of Jesus Christ—listening to 10 hours of counsel, teaching, and witness.

Gospel Fare

Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

Are we among those deriding and deconstructing prophetic teachings, or are we rejoicing and relishing the chance to hear from them?


How Critical Race Theory Helps us Follow Jesus

Amidst all the push-back on CRT of late, I fear disciples of Christ may be missing some of the ways this framework for analysis might help us follow the Savior in healing the world.

Church & State

Struggle Doesn’t Make You Special

Those who wrestle are not a separate category of humans. That describes all of us. If so, the key question is not whether we are “willing to wrestle,” but rather, where that wrestle ultimately takes each of us.

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