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Fire Inside Rustic Broken Heart | Recovering from the Relational Health Crisis of Pornography | Public Square Magazine | Misogyny Porn | Empathy Training
Sexual Abuse

Recovering from the Relational Health Crisis of Pornography

Pornography is toxic to relational and sexual health. Recovering from the relational health crisis of pornography involves forsaking pornography and its toxic scripts, regaining and deepening our intimate empathy, and learning and committing to safely hold one another.

Sexuality & Family

Misusing Eunuchs

Even the best of motives do not allow us to change the commandments or remove the crosses of others.

Sexuality & Family

Sexuality and Truth in Harmony

We are often told that great sex requires us to break boundaries and follow our passions wherever they lead. But what if great sex requires us to take account of the moral value of ourselves and others?

Sexuality & Family

Who Can Turn Away from the Sea of Seduction Around Us?

You can. But don’t be surprised when others are swept away. And try to appreciate the courage of those working hard to turn their hearts towards something better and more beautiful.


What I Mean May Not Be What Others Hear

In our efforts to communicate love and inclusiveness, we may sometimes send messages that mean quite a bit more than what we had intended.

Sunset with Silhouette of Kissing Couple & Man | Some Straight Talk about Polyamory | Public Square Magazine | Divorce Rate in Polyamorous Marriages | Polyamorous Divorce Rates
Sexuality & Family

Some Straight Talk about Polyamory

With popular media and scholars unabashed about popularizing “consensual non-monogamy,” it’s time for some straight talk about the realities behind the alluring rhetoric of “open love.”

Ben Pacini on Men Policing Men and the Sexual Revolution
Radical Civility

Men Policing Men and the Sexual Revolution

I get together with my friends Thomas Stringham and Meagan Kohler to discuss their opinions on the sexual revolution and what role men play in teaching men proper sexual ethics.

Sexuality & Family

Pornography: An Aphrodisiac or Cold Shower?

A new study questions whether or not consensual use of pornography among partners can improve intimacy or the quality of the couple’s sex life.

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