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Tag: Social Justice

Painting of Man Arms Out in Canyon | Empathy vs Understanding | Public Square Magazine | Understanding vs Empathy | Misguided | Empathy is About Finding Echoes Meaning

Empathy or Echo Chambers?

Misguided empathy can harm. True understanding demands not just listening but deep knowledge and open hearts.

A woman gives to a begging child representing Latter-day Saint Consecration
Gospel Fare

Practicing Personal Consecration Globally

Scripture mandates saints care for the poor and needy, but greed and indulgence prevail. Prophets condemn materialism, saying true religion is mercy and honesty. Still, surplus property remains elusive.

Woman in Crowd Letting Go of Dove | How Reimagining Social Justice Could Ease the Culture War | Public Square Magazine | Religion and Social Justice | Faith and Social Justice
Social Justice

How Reimagining Social Justice Could Ease the Culture War

Given such a strong divergence in views over social justice, how could we not fall into the larger culture wars? Because God expects something better from us. A parting aspiration for a peacemaking pathway forward.

Vincent van Gogh Galerie Beyeler | Are You Woke or Awake? | Public Square Magazine | What is the Difference Between Woke and Awake | Awake vs Woke Politics

Are You Woke or Awake?

How a Judeo-Christian concept went awry and became another way to divide America.

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