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Tag: The American Families of Faith Project

A family home stands resilient under a dark cloud, symbolizing hope amidst adversity.
American Families of Faith

The Growing Famine of Hope

How does hope influence resilience? Studies show faith-based practices foster optimism and unity.

A man grieving with his children, poignantly portraying loss and the challenge of adversity in families.
American Families of Faith

From Struggle to Strength: Adversity in Religious Families

How do transcendent experiences affect relationships during turmoil? Many find that spiritual experiences guide them to improve connections, change their lives, and help families grow closer in times of strife.

Marital fidelity intertwined with faith represented by Bible and wedding rings.
Family Matters

The Other Faith Crisis: Shattering Illusions Around Marital Fidelity

Unmasking the modern perception of marital fidelity, this comprehensive study brings to light the deep-seated fears of emerging adults, the profound impact of trust, and the enduring promise of faith in cultivating and maintaining faithful marriages.

American Families of Faith

How Many Religious Families Thrived During COVID

Many religious families thrived during the pandemic because of a built-in community and connection, combined with a sense of purpose, comfort, and hope.

American Families of Faith

The Power of Home-Centered Gospel Learning

When most people think of worship, it’s something happening in a chapel or church building. A deeper appreciation of worship that can also happen at home has been transformative for many families

Mass in a Connemara Cabin Art | Attending Religious Services of Other Faiths | Public Square Magazine | I Attend Religious Services of Other Faiths
American Families of Faith

Attending Religious Services of Other Faiths

Faiths across the world observe sacred moments. Watching and participating with them not only helps us love one another more but can deepen our own faith.

American Families of Faith

Mainline Protestant Families: Loving God and Family Members

For those in America’s dominant Protestant faiths, their understanding of God and their relationship with Him provides a model for how they believe they should interact with their spouses and children.

American Families of Faith

Strong Black Families: God, Relationships, and Deep Faith

In contrast to the negative scrutiny of African American families in the past, and consistent with the current focus on hearing the voices of Black Americans, the words and experiences of Black Christian American families of faith are both refreshing and profoundly instructive.

American Families of Faith

Living a New Faith in a New Land

Asian-American Christians often rely on the Bible carefully and deeply to influence many elements of family life, especially parenting.

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