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Tag: Under the Banner of Heaven

Podcasts for July from our Podcast Family!

Welcome to July’s lineup of Public Square Media episodes.  The engaging perspectives of Scott and JC of Family Bro Evening, shed light on American politics

Episode 7, “Blood Atonement”

Summary – Pyre joins Taba in talking with Prophet Onias about how Ron’s belief that he is the “One Mighty and Strong” tempted him into

LA Times Features Public Square Magazine

Several of the folks from Public Square Magazine were interviewed recently by Meredith Blake at the LA Times. She highlighted the ways that Latter-day Saints

Demanding Conversations About Violence

In the weeks since the premiere of the Under the Banner of Heaven miniseries, there has been a broad consensus that the show doesn’t quite

Climate & End Times

Under the Banner of Old Tropes

With the upcomin FX/Hulu series portraying The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a dangerous breeding ground for violence, it’s valuable to reflect on the long history of similar efforts

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