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Category: Persuasion


Unity Under Siege

When you reflect on some of the basic underpinnings of unity, it’s alarming to see how effectively these foundations are being undermined all around us today.


Encouraging Disciple-Scholars in the Social Sciences

Many believers have distanced from sacred conviction in order to be “neutral” researchers – without recognizing the alternative worldview they are embracing. There is a better way.


Reaching for a Zion Beyond Partisan Warfare

It’s important to raise our voices to defend truth. But especially in confusing and difficult moments, it’s also important to come together to seek a better understanding of the full truth of a matter.


A Better Conversation about HB 11

The problem with HB 11 was not its failure to reach compromise on the question of transgender athletic participation, but limiting its scope to a single question, where only one set of competing interests could be served in the end.


The Other Religion

The ongoing disaffection of educated church members in North America can’t be understood apart from the recent emergence of an appealing alternative religion.


Belonging and Believing in Conservative and Liberal Religion

Part two of a series exploring differences in conservative and liberal approaches to faith – with a focus on competing ways conservative and liberal-leaning believers tend to approach authority and belonging.


The Parable of the Lenses

A modern-day parable for a world of competing interpretations, and very little patience for attempting to understand these differences.

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