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Category: Tributes


Healing Together: Love for Elder Holland

Explore how the news of Elder Holland’s health struggles inspires compassion and unity as a loving community rally together to offer unwavering support.

Jordan Peterson Speaking Photo | Jordan Peterson Made Me a Better Mother | Public Square Magazine | Jordan Peterson Raising Child | Jordan Peterson Devouring Mothers

How Jordan Peterson Made Me a Better Mother

When various affirming and discontented voices didn’t help me in my attempts to improve as a mother, I decided to give Jordan Peterson a try.


The Gentle Power of Dave Joseph, Dialogue Legend

A tribute to a friend, teacher, and mentor to many young dialogue practitioners—including myself. Dave passed away October 25, 2021, and was memorialized this last weekend in Rhode Island.


Remembering Coach Joe Lordan

Our communities are built on individual men and women who take a moment to look outward and ask what can I do to make things better


Ancestral Lessons in Religious Freedom

As more young people today lose an appreciation for religious freedom, it’s understandable that we point to higher principles. It might also help to direct attention back to our own family’s stories to understand why this is still so important today.

Gary Wilson Portrait | There’s One More Atheist in Heaven | Public Square Magazine | Gary Wilson Author | Gary Wilson Death | Gary Wilson Cause of Death

There’s One More Atheist in Heaven

Gary Wilson provided research clarity to the ill effects of pornography on the brain, for this he was harassed and hounded in life. His death gives us an opportunity to praise his work.


Rabbi Sacks, the Snow, and Our Common Humanity

As the election dust settles and the snow falls, some thoughts on something deeper than our many differences – a witness born most eloquently by the remarkable and recently deceased Rabbi Sacks.

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