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Category: The 2020 Election

Politics & Law

The How Still Matters

Many have argued that we should vote on policies not behavior. But no matter how we ultimately vote, we must remember that how we treat each other will always matter.

Politics & Law

Unhappy with Your Options? Vote Libertarian

Many people of faith (and no faith) are uncomfortable with both options for President. Is it time to choose someone you could be really happy with instead?

Politics & Law

An Agonizing Choice for Lovers of Liberalism

This election is an agonizing choice for those who value liberalism. President Trump is personally illiberal in his tendencies but his administration has largely been committed to procedural protections and the rule of law. A Biden administration presents the exact mirror image. Either way, liberalism loses.

Politics & Law

What Do Marxists Think of Joe Biden and America Right Now?

Conservatives worry a lot about Marxism. Yet like other scary groups (Muslims, “Mormons”), often it is loud critics who get heard the most. What do self-identifying Marxists have to say about this American moment?

Politics & Law

This Is How It Begins to End

If you are a Christian, you are politically homeless. This has always been true. Now it is obvious. Our calling is to place eternal principles over ephemeral factions in this disciple-defining moment.

Lord Baltimore commends his people to Wisdom, Justice, and Mercy
Politics & Law

#NeverTrump; #AlwaysLiberalism

Trump is not as bad as his critics would have you believe, but he remains the antithesis of the American liberal ideal. We should use this chance to repudiate him.

Politics & Law

Choosing a Path, Not Merely a Person

This election, the way to select the best choice for office is to focus less on individual personalities and more on the path on which the philosophies of each of the candidates and their fellow travelers will cause us to journey.

Continuing our effort to feature different perspectives on the best choice in the upcoming U.S. election.

Politics & Law

Would the Left Accept Four More Years?

President Trump’s comments have been rightly scrutinized for their potential impact on America’s post-election environment. Far less attention has gone to certain themes of progressive commentary, which in combination arguably heightens the volatility of our post-election atmosphere.

Politics & Law

Latter-day Saints for Trump

Kim Coleman of Latter-day Saints for Trump explains why they have chosen to support Donald Trump’s candidacy for President. They argue his immigration, economic, and foreign policies make him the best choice for President.

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